18 Fastest WordPress Theme: Ultimate Guide for 2020

This is a photograph for the 18 Fastest Wordpress Themes in the market

Hey there, looking for the fastest wordpress theme that’s not only fast but also complements your particular needs?

Then you’ve come to the right place as we’ve gathered a list of the fastest wordpress themes to help you boost your site speed.

There are 16 themes that load under 500 milliseconds and another 2 themes that load around the 1-second mark.

Meticulous tests were done on each of them to get the most accurate picture of their respective actual loading speed.

But before that, let’s lay a bit of groundwork here regarding the importance of getting the fastest loading themes possible for your WordPress site.

Let’s get started.

Why Do You Need The Fastest WordPress Theme?

This is a photograph regarding the Average Fully Loaded Speed for Desktop vs Mobile
Average Load Speed for Desktop vs Mobile

A recent study done by Backlinko.com shows that the average page load time is around 10s for desktop and that value nearly tripled for mobile load times at 27.4 seconds.

But for now, we’ll just take the 10 seconds mark as our average page load time and continue on.

This is a photograph for Page Load Time vs Bounce Rate
Page Load Time vs Bounce Rate

In another study done by Pingdom.com above, as page load time goes from 2s to 3s mark, the bounce rate nearly doubled, and it doubles again going from the 3rd to the 4th second load time!

At this point, the bounce rate is already at 24%, which is nearly one-fourth of your traffic.

But it doesn’t stop there…

The bounce rate keeps soaring until the 16 seconds mark and levels off from there at a 73% bounce rate.

In case you’re wondering, Bounce Rate is an Internet Marketing term used in web traffic analysis.

It represents the percentage of visitors who enter the site and then leave rather than continuing to view other pages within the same site. – Wikipedia

Combining the two studies above reveals an interesting fact: the average site owners with 10s page load times are losing more than half of the traffic and conversions that they’ve worked so hard for. What a waste!

On the flip side…

Page load speed is also one of the ranking factors in Google’s algorithm, so a faster loading time will provide a slight boost to your site’s SEO and Google rankings as well.

We have performed extensive tests to filter off the noise and identify the Crème De La Crème for you just so that you won’t be joining the bandwagon of victims above that are bleeding traffic and conversions. Period.

Now now, we know that you must be pretty anxious to get your hands on the themes, but please hold your horses here…

You’d still need to know a few more things before we proceed to the tasty part.

By now you should understand that faster load time for a website not only reduces the bounce rate but also helps search engine ranking as well. Next, you need to know what are the main culprits behind a slow page load time.

And yes…

As you might have guessed, WordPress themes are usually the biggest culprit behind a slow page speed, followed by plugins.

Even though the hosting of your site also plays a crucial role in page speed, but that’s a whole different topic, so we’ve decided to do a separate write-up on it and just focus solely on WordPress related factors here.

Apart from knowing the culprits in slow page load times, there are some important concepts below that you’d need to understand to make an informed decision.

What are they? Well, you will find out below…

The Most Critical Factors Affecting Page Speed

The most important factors affecting page speed are Total Page Size and the Number of HTTP Requests made. Total Page Size, also known as Page Weight refers to the overall size of a webpage, which is the total size of all files used to create that particular page.

HTTP Requests are basically requests made by your page visitors’ browsers to your server in order to “see” your webpage on their respective browsers. Every single element on your webpage requires a separate HTTP Request to be made.

To put it simply…

The more files involved in creating a certain webpage, the higher the number of requests that had to be made.

But How Do Page Weight and HTTP Requests Actually Affect Page Speed?


The bigger or heavier the Page Size, the slower the Page Speed; meanwhile, the higher the number of HTTP Requests, the slower the Load Time and vice versa.

So there you have it. A fast page speed results from a small Page Size and a low number of HTTP Requests.

This combination creates the golden ticket to a fast-loading webpage, lower bounce rate, possibly higher conversions, as well as better SEO and search engine rankings.

Still with me?


Because the final leg of the journey is just before you.

And you will be in for a surprise soon after the brief explanation below.

How We Tested and Ranked The Fastest WordPress Themes?

For this test specifically, we have created a blank site to install each and every theme.

An empty site without any plugins, customizations, and whatnot was used so that the speed recorded will essentially be the actual load time for the theme itself and not influenced by any other factors.

After the install, the empty site along with the newly installed theme was tested with GTmetrix.

But why didn’t we just test the demo site for each theme instead? Why go through all the trouble?

We did it to ensure consistent results that will be more representative of the true picture.

This is because, since demo sites of different themes usually have differing hosts with servers across various countries, there is no common denominator to act as “Control” in the test.

The results will thus be misleading as they do not actually depict the actual load time of the theme itself.

Essentially, the theme having demo site with a hosting server closest to the speed test servers will bear the fastest results.

For this reason, we settled on the decision to install each theme in a blank site to test their load speed, so that they will all have the same hosting server location, which acts as the Control.

This helps to ensure consistency in our tests, which in turn produces results that gives a more accurate picture of the theme’s true loading speed.

Side Note: Fluctuations are inevitable in speed tests because they depend on the hosting server’s load condition.

To ensure consistency and accuracy throughout our test results, every theme was tested rigorously by repeating the test for each theme until 3 separate loading times within 100ms from one another were obtained.

Then the average values get calculated for each theme, doing so helps to prevent a skewed average value due to extreme numbers.

This is a photograph for GTmetrix Test Results Example
GTmetrix Test Results repeated until 3 separate Loading Speeds within 100ms from one another have been obtained

There are many tools that can be used to test a theme’s speed, but the best tools include the likes of Pingdom and GTmetrix. Pingdom uses Onload Time to measure loading speed while GTmetrix uses Fully Loaded Time to measure the same thing.

Onload Time is the time needed to complete the processing of the page and that all resources on that particular page have finished downloading.

Fully loaded time, on the other hand, starts after the Onload event fires and adds another two seconds to ensure there is no further network activity.

Each of these has its own pros and cons, but we settled with GTmetrix because it tends to produce more consistent results for our tests.

Do note that the Fully Loaded Time, however, will typically show a longer load time compared to Onload Time due to its nature.

Alright, time for the fun part!

Fasten your seat belts as we are diving straight into the juicy part that you’ve all been waiting for.

Comparison Tables for The 18 Fastest WordPress Theme:

WordPress themes have a variety of pricing types: some are totally free, some are premium only themes, while some adopt a freemium model (free version available along with a premium upgrade option).

Below, we ranked themes according to their respective pricing models. For the sake of simplicity, freemium and premium only themes are ranked together.

After the ranking tables, there will be short reviews for each theme, sorted according to the overall ranking.

18 Overall Fastest WordPress Themes Ranked:

wdt_IDRankAll ThemesLoad TimeTotal Page SizeNumber of HTTP Requests
11Astra Theme19845.908
22Arke Theme21024.306
33GeneratePress Theme22176.4014
44Neve Theme26938.908
55Zakra Theme31046.2011
66Shoptimizer Theme319133.0020
77Airi Theme325264.0019
88The Publisher Theme350425.0015
99MH Magazine Theme370125.0013
1010Writee Theme385140.0016

Totally Free Fastest WordPress Themes Ranked:

wdt_IDRankTotally Free ThemesLoad TimeTotal Page SizeNumber of HTTP Requests
11Arke Theme21024.306
22Twenty Seventeen Theme391287.0019
33Bloggo Theme417160.0016
44Primer Theme459132.0013
55Montezuma Theme471287.0024

Premium / Freemium Fastest WordPress Themes Ranked:

wdt_IDRankPremium / Freemium ThemesLoad TimeTotal Page SizeNumber of HTTP Requests
11Astra Theme19845.908
22GeneratePress Theme22176.4014
33Neve Theme26938.908
44Zakra Theme31046.2011
55Shoptimizer Theme319133.0020
66Airi Theme325264.0019
77The Publisher Theme350425.0015
88MH Magazine Theme370125.0013
99Writee Theme385140.0016
1010OceanWP Theme392199.0018

18 Best and Fastest WordPress Theme Reviewed:

1. Astra Theme

This is a photograph for Astra Theme & its GTmetrix Test Results

Average Load Time: 198ms

Pricing Model: Freemium (Free Version available along with Premium Upgrade option)

Ready-Made Templates: Yes, around 55 pre-built demo sites (they’re called “Astra Starter Sites“) available for import

Mobile Responsiveness: Yes

If you want the best and fastest wordpress theme, Astra WordPress Theme will be “The One” without a doubt. It is also incredibly intuitive to use, along with a big library of Astra Sites available to help you build a site within a much shorter timeframe.

Other than that, it is lightweight and SEO-friendly to boot, which leaves you with a much bigger room for error in terms of your site speed.

Why is this important though? Well… to err is human, much more so when you’re trying something out for the first time isn’t it?


  1. Ultra-lightweight installation < 50KB, you can compare and contrast its total page size with that of the other themes
  2. Ditched jQuery for vanilla javascript to avail faster speed
  3. Champion in loading time, this little guy breaks the sound barrier without a sweat
  4. Fully compatible with all major page builders & standard plugins
  5. Multipurpose, due to the big library of turnkey demo sites available for import
  6. Intuitive and Clean admin interface that doesn’t confuse the heck out of you
  7. Modular Design with different modules that can be activated or deactivated according to your needs
  8. Completely customizable typography, custom colors, backgrounds, site layouts
  9. Highly Extendible, with a lot of hooks and filters (especially great for developers) and various addon plugins available such as the Ultimate Addons, Schema Pro, Convert Pro, etc
  10. Seamless WooCommerce and LifterMS integration for those building an e-commerce site or online course
  11. Import and Export options that help save a considerable amount of time if you’re repeating the same customization options across multiple sites, can be especially useful since you can use it on an unlimited amount of sites

(Hint: this is the theme that cut down our site’s loading time by over 50% since switching to it. 😉)

2. Arke Theme

This is a photograph for Arke Theme & its GTmetrix Test Results

Average Load Time: 210ms

Pricing Model: Totally Free

Ready-Made Templates: No

Mobile Responsiveness: Yes

For the minimalists out there, this might be a theme that you’d like. Arke theme is designed to show one piece of content at a time on the homepage, which can be your latest blog post or a static page.

Do note that this theme is intentionally minimalist and does not support features below:

  • Custom Backgrounds
  • Gravatars
  • Categories
  • Tags
  • Sidebars
  • Widgets
  • Customizer Settings

Note: the minimalist design is a major contributing factor for this theme being the fastest wordpress theme that is totally free.

3. GeneratePress Theme

This is a photograph for GeneratePress Theme & its GTmetrix Test Results

Average Load Time: 221ms

Pricing Model: Freemium

Ready-Made Templates: Yes, around 47 pre-built demo sites available for import

Mobile Responsiveness: Yes

GeneratePress is another highly rated theme in the same vein as Astra. This theme has a modern, professional and minimalist vibe to it. Though it may not be the fastest WordPress theme in the market, it still has top-tier speed.

So if you like the speediness of Astra, but gravitate towards a more minimalist style, then GeneratePress the perfect candidate as it is both speedy and minimal. Furthermore, it has inbuilt schema.org structured data, which potentially helps your search engine rankings.


  1. A lightweight framework of < 100KB, which means you get to start with the smallest footprint possible
  2. Also Ditched jQuery for vanilla javascript for the same reason of obtaining a shorter load time
  3. Blazing-fast load time just slightly behind Astra and Arke, still top tier speed without a question
  4. Page builder friendly and compatible with popular WordPress plugins
  5. Modular in nature, which allows you to enable or disable each component according to your liking
  6. Consolidated customization options – no more confusion and frustrations from hunting scattered options. With GeneratePress, all the theme & customization options can be found in the same place – the customizer page. This is practically a godsend, especially for those that had experienced the “hunting pains” above
  7. Super-versatile multipurpose theme adaptable to basically any niche with its extensive customizer options, which also allows easy customizations for color, typography, background and layout control
  8. Tons of hooks and filters which make it a boon for developers
  9. WooCommerce compatible, the Woocommerce module allows you to add more color, typography and layout options to your WooCommerce store.
  10. A significant amount of prebuilt demo sites available in the Site Library for one-click import, to get a headstart in your project
  11. Import and Export options save you from the boring chore of repeating the same customization options especially if you are using it on a lot of websites

4. Neve Theme

This is a photograph for Neve Theme & its GTmetrix Test Results

Average Load Time: 269ms

Pricing Model: Freemium

Ready-Made Templates: Yes, around 69 pre-built demo sites available for import

Mobile Responsiveness: Yes

Neve (pronounced as NayVay) is a theme that brands itself as a mobile-first, lightweight WordPress theme thoroughly optimized for speed in the era of page builders. If you happen to be a Tinkerer, chances are, your WordPress site might be broken in one of your tinkering endeavors.

But fret not, as Neve have you covered in such events with their slick one-click rollback feature. This basically grants you peace of mind, as you can always roll back to the previous version if you happen to have accidentally messed something up.


  1. One of the lightest footprint of just 38.9KB in installation size
  2. No more render-blocking issues by using vanilla javascript instead of jQuery
  3. Still one of the fastest WordPress themes around, with a page load time of 269ms
  4. Out-of-the-box compatibility with all major page builders, Gutenberg and WooCommerce
  5. Best onboarding process of the bunch, which starts with a helpful intro message and link to the documentation
  6. Intuitive Drag and Drop Header and Footer Builders, which is rarely seen in other themes. This is a good match for those who are more of a visual person.
  7. One-click rollback option for worry-free experimentation with your theme
  8. Straightforward navigation and effortless import of demo sites from one of the largest starter site libraries we’ve seen till now
  9. Easy customizations of Colors & Background, typography and tons of layout options
  10. Option for white labeling the theme to present it as your own theme available in the pro version,

5. Zakra Theme

This is a photograph for Zakra Theme & its GTmetrix Test Results

Average Load Time: 310ms

Pricing Model: Freemium

Ready-Made Templates: Yes, around 35 pre-built demo sites available for import

Mobile Responsiveness: Yes

Zakra is another fast and clean-looking WordPress theme that’s a little light on the features. However, one thing worth noting is that this theme is RTL Ready, which might be useful for those who are using it for right-to-left text direction languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Urdu and more.


  1. Lightweight (<50KB)
  2. Fully SEO optimized
  3. WooCommerce Ready
  4. Compatible with major page builders
  5. One-click import of demo sites

6. Shoptimizer Theme

This is a photograph for Shoptimizer Theme & its GTmetrix Test Results

Average Load Time: 319ms

Pricing Model: Premium Only

Ready-Made Templates: Demo Forms available for import

Mobile Responsiveness: Yes

For those of you looking for the best optimized and fastest WooCommerce theme, look no further as this is the one for you. Shoptimizer theme primarily focuses on Performance and Conversion Rate. These are the two most important topics that should be near and dear to the hearts of e-commerce store owners.


  1. Fast Loading Speed and Performance
  2. Built for Conversions
  3. Best Shopping Experience for customers
  4. Optimized for SEO
  5. One-click importing of demo contents
  6. Compatible across all major page builders

7. Airi Theme

This is a photograph for Airi Theme & its GTmetrix Test Results

Average Load Time: 325ms

Pricing Model: Freemium

Ready-Made Templates: Yes, around 12 pre-built demo sites available for import

Mobile Responsiveness: Yes

Airi is a flexible theme designed for business websites and effective for showing off creative works. This theme also has deep integrations with Elementor, with Custom Blocks available for Elementor. So if you’re an Elementor aficionado, this might be a good choice to get your hands on.


  1. Elementor Support
  2. WooCommerce Ready
  3. Simplistic and Lightweight
  4. Easy Importing of demo contents
  5. Wide variety of customization options available including Custom Background, Colors, Logo, Typography, Pricing Tables, Subscription Form, Team Block, Testimonials and Threaded Comments

Wait! What if none of the above themes suit me? Worry not, as everyone will get a slice of the action from this list we’ve prepared with all our heart(s) 😉 Just read on until you’ve found one that suits you.

8. The Publisher Theme

This is a photograph for The Publisher Theme & its GTmetrix Test Results

Average Load Time: 350ms

Pricing Model: Premium Only

Ready-Made Templates: Yes, around 58 pre-built demo sites available for import

Mobile Responsiveness: Yes

This theme touts itself as the best and most complete magazine, blog and Newspaper theme ever created for WordPress, and rightly so. This theme has a lot going for it in the features department, having one of the most complete sets of features that we’ve seen to date.

In addition, as we all know, plugins can be pretty expensive, the bill adds up really fast when you’re using multiple plugins. But with The Publisher having over 20 premium plugins included, you stand to save a whole lot of money (which we’ve calculated to be around $426) from not having to buy them individually.

The Publisher is a great fit for existing site owners, especially those with a fairly established website that want to switch to another theme.

Why? Because manual transfer can be gruesome and time-consuming. Here’s where the built-in Publisher Migrator comes in. It converts all your posts data, views & reviews, smart lists, shortcodes, category & tag settings, menu settings, and Mega Menus, from your current theme into The Publisher with just 1 click and without losing any of your precious data.

This saves you a lot of time and energy that can be put to better use or you can just go to take a sip of coffee while the transfer is ongoing, and be at ease knowing that your data built up over the years is in safe hands.


  1. One-click migration to The Publisher & Over 20 built-in premium plugins, that saves you over $400
  2. One-click demo installer with a healthy-sized demo site library
  3. Complete RTL support even in the admin panel
  4. Support Translation to over 30 Languages and a Translation Panel available
  5. Google In-feed ads supported, Google AMP & Facebook Instant Article ready
  6. Built-in review system and Smart Lists allows the creation of beautiful reviews and products lists
  7. Advanced Social Counters & Share Buttons and WooCommerce compatibility
  8. Stylish Quotes and Trendy gallery slider for more aesthetics
  9. White Label Support; Push notification; Newsletter Subscription Widgets & Forms.
  10. Practically unlimited typography options with over 8400+ Fonts to choose from
  11. Powerful Theme Options Panel and built-in mega menu 
  12. Smart Thumbnails Cropping removes the need for photoshop or extra plugins to make nice-looking thumbnails
  13. Embed anything, give your visitors live preview of over 40+ document types (eg excel, ppt, pdf, docx)
  14. No duplicate content feature avoids showing the same content in different widgets, categories or layouts

9. MH Magazine Theme

This is a photograph for MH Magazine Theme & its GTmetrix Test Results

Average Load Time: 370ms

Pricing Model: Freemium

Ready-Made Templates: No, but there are 15 demo configuration available with instructions for respective DIY setup

Mobile Responsiveness: Yes

MH Magazine is a fast WordPress theme suitable for bloggers, journalists, and editors as well as those who intend to create content-rich dynamic news portal, magazine or editorial website of any genre.

This theme is ideal for handling a lot of content while still maintaining top speed and performance. This theme has been designed to ensure great user experience for not only the website visitors, but also the website owner as well.


  1. Search engine friendly by keeping SEO best practices in mind during the design
  2. FlexSlider 2 with touch controls for both mobile devices and touch screen computers alike
  3. Custom Widgets like MH Custom Posts, MH Custom Pages, MH Slider, MH Social, MH Spotlight, MH News in Pictures, etc
  4. WordPress Child Theme Ready, allows you to customize MH Magazine WordPress Theme according to your liking
  5. Translation and RTL Ready, easily translated and also supports languages written from the Right-To-Left direction 
  6. Social Ready with social follow widgets and social sharing buttons above and below posts to increase social follows and shares
  7. Custom Ad Spaces with various placements options to help improve both click-through rate (CTR) and revenue

10. Writee Theme

This is a photograph for Writee Theme & its GTmetrix Test Results

Average Load Time: 386ms

Pricing Model: Freemium

Ready-Made Templates: No

Mobile Responsiveness: Yes

To state the obvious, this is a light theme built for writers and other creatives. It doesn’t try to be multipurpose as many other themes do, in fact, it does just the opposite.

Focus is the name of the game here as the purposefully clean and simple design removes distractions and place the focus solely on your writing.


  1. Various customization options including typography, colors, background, layouts, pagination options, boxed/full post slider
  2. Built-in Related Posts, Social media sharing icons, and Social media navigation menu
  3. Recent Posts Widget with Big Thumbnails, Shortcodes & Formats
  4. Authors Page, Author details Box, Author Widget with social icons
  5. Sticky header and Sticky sidebar option, Post Title and Top Bar Enable/Disable feature
  6. Woo Commerce Compatible
  7. Multiple slider variations and customizations
  8. Custom Widget Areas (Top, Mid and Bottom)
  9. Multiple custom widgets such as Writee Twitter Widget, Writee Shop Widget, Writee Popular posts, Writee Instagram Widget and Writee Facebook Like Widget

11. Twenty Seventeen Theme

This is a photograph for Twenty Seventeen Theme & its GTmetrix Test Results

Average Load Time: 391ms

Pricing Model: Totally Free

Ready-Made Templates: No

Mobile Responsiveness: Yes

This theme should be no stranger to the majority of WordPress users as it is one of the default WordPress themes. Twenty Seventeen has a business-oriented design and includes a catchy video-header option as well as a front-page layout with panels that are drawn from your site’s pages.

It is made by WordPress themselves, and every year since 2010, a new default theme named after the year is produced. This is a simplistic theme that runs great and loved by many.


  1. Social links menu
  2. Custom Colors, Custom Header
  3. Custom Menu, Classic Menu, Fixed Menu, Social Menu
  4. Block Editor Styles
  5. One PageVideo
  6. Featured Images
  7. Sticky Post, Post Formats
  8. RTL Language Support
  9. Accessibility Ready
  10. Threaded Comments

12. OceanWP Theme

This is a photograph for OceanWP Theme & its GTmetrix Test Results

Average Load Time: 392ms

Pricing Model: Freemium

Ready-Made Templates: Yes, around 73 pre-built demo sites available for import

Mobile Responsiveness: Yes

If you’re a fan of fullscreen scrolling pages, this theme allows you to do exactly that. You can easily create a fullscreen scrolling website with the Full-Screen extension. Meanwhile, Ocean Stick Anything plugin gives you the ability to stick anything you’d like on your site.

There are also quite a few nifty conversion-focused WooCommerce features baked into the theme, so you won’t be needing extra plugins to get those useful features.


  1. Advanced WooCommerce Integration with Native Cart Popup, Floating Add To Cart Bar, Off-Canvas Filter, and Quick View
  2. Designed to work with all popular Page Builders including Thrive Architect, Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, etc
  3. Has Mega Menu and icons built-in; Cookie Notice for GDPR compliance
  4. One-click demo import from one of the largest demo libraries available
  5. Social sharing module for single posts and Product sharing module with social share buttons for single product page
  6. Posts Slider to display your most recent posts with a slick-looking slider
  7. Popup Optin form to add a popup login/register form wherever you want
  8. Portfolio display to showcase your works
  9. Ocean Hooks allows you to add custom contents in various areas of the theme
  10. White Labelling, Sticky Header, and Footer Callout are also available
  11. Incorporated schema structure such as integrated HTML tags and proper navigation structure

13. Bloggo Theme

This is a photograph for BlogGo Theme & its GTmetrix Test Results

Average Load Time: 417ms

Pricing Model: Totally Free

Ready-Made Templates: No

Mobile Responsiveness: Yes

BlogGo prides itself as being the expressive, responsive, and easy-to-use WordPress blog theme built with bold style and a modern look. If you’re more of a “Maximalist” person instead, this might actually suit you! Jokes aside, this theme really has less of a minimalist look and thus it’s a good fit for writers, bloggers, photographers who need to showcase their articles.

14. Primer Theme

This is a photograph for Primer Theme & its GTmetrix Test Results

Average Load Time: 459ms

Pricing Model: Totally Free

Ready-Made Templates: No

Mobile Responsiveness: Yes

Primer is the free theme by GoDaddy that caused quite a ruckus back in 2016 due to the controversial fast-tracking through the theme review queue. That aside, Primer has a simple and clean look that can be adapted for many different uses. It also has an option to add a Hero Call to Action at the top part of the theme.

15. Schema Theme

This is a photograph for Schema Theme & its GTmetrix Test Results

Average Load Time: 461ms

Pricing Model: Freemium

Ready-Made Templates: Yes, around 2 presets available for import

Mobile Responsiveness: Yes

Schema’s claim to fame has been due to its in-built structured data markup and rich snippets support, which not only boosts search engine rankings but also improves page loading time. To add icing to the cake, Schema also includes a library of useful shortcodes for you to experiment with, and of course, these also play well with rich snippets.


  1. Baked-in Review System that allows you to add reviews to your posts and also let users review your posts in the comments
  2. Built-in Related Posts with Thumbnails that can be enabled with one-click and has 3 different layout options
  3. Powerful Consolidated Theme Options Panel where you can customize everything from one place without any confusion
  4. Performance Panel with built-in Image Lazy loading, Async JavaScript, and Prefetching options
  5. Great documentation and Customization features with lots of styling and typography options
  6. 350+ Ready-To-Use Icon Fonts allows you to quickly and easily add icons anywhere in your site
  7. Integrated Social Media Sharing eliminates the need for third-party social share plugins
  8. Translation-Ready, just add a translation file and you’re good to go, instantly reaching whole new audiences
  9. Ad Management Panel makes controlling and tracking ads a breeze
  10. WooCommerce Integration and Compatible with Elementor Builder
  11. A plethora of Custom MyThemeShop Widgets so that you are less likely to need any extra plugins
  12. Easy WordPress Child Theme creation

16. Montezuma Theme

This is a photograph for Montezuma Theme & its GTmetrix Test Results

Average Load Time: 471ms

Pricing Model: Totally Free

Ready-Made Templates: No

Mobile Responsiveness: Yes

Montezuma claims to be a search engine optimized HTML5/CSS3 theme with various CSS3/jQuery animations. The author recommends Montezuma’s users to at least have some HTML or CSS knowledge.


  1. Multiple site layouts, there are 10 responsive, 5 flexible and 5 static layouts to choose from
  2. Advanced “nextpage” pagination with user-defined text for better SEO
  3. Advanced post excerpts on a per-template basis
  4. Quicktag buttons above comments form
  5. Compatible with various SEO plugins including “All In One SEO” and Yoast’s SEO

17. H-code Theme

This is a photograph for H-code Theme & its GTmetrix Test Results

Average Load Time: 800ms

Pricing Model: Premium Only

Ready-Made Templates: Yes, around 31 demo sites and 26 one-page demos available for import

Mobile Responsiveness: Yes

H-code is a feature-packed multipurpose WordPress theme that can be adapted for any industry. It is useful for businesses, creatives, online stores & e-commerce websites. This theme sports a clean, creative and modern look.


  1. Built with HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap 3 Framework
  2. Beautiful WooCommerce style that is conversion-focused
  3. Compatible with all SEO plugins and other popular WordPress plugins
  4. Compatible across all popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc
  5. Retina ready; Parallax background images
  6. Advanced jQuery features and CSS3 animations
  7. Pricing tables available; In-built MegaMenu
  8. Creative sliders and intros
  9. Custom widgets available
  10. Templates and functions are well documented
  11. Lifetime free updates

18. Divi Theme

This is a photograph for Divi Theme & its GTmetrix Test Results

Average Load Time: 1200ms

Pricing Model: Premium Only

Ready-Made Templates: Yes, it boasts the largest library of around 1060 layouts available for import

Mobile Responsiveness: Yes

Divi Theme is basically an All-in-One Solution with the theme and page builder merged into one entity. This means that you can save a lot of money from not having to purchase a page builder separately from the theme. Due to its nature, freelancers, website builders, and web design agencies with tight schedules and need to create websites fast will find this theme incredibly useful.

The Divi Builder along with over 1060 layouts that can be easily imported makes it possible for a lot of site-building projects to be completed within the time constraint. Also, if you’re new to the scene and would like a beginner-friendly and multipurpose theme, this is the one to go for as it doesn’t require you to have any WordPress coding experience.

As a side note for those relatively new to Divi, if you already own the Divi WordPress Theme, there’s ABSOLUTELY NO NEED to download the Divi Builder Plugin as the Divi Builder is already baked into the theme itself. Divi Theme, being the flagship product, has more features compared to the Divi Website Builder Plugin, and as such, offers you much more control over your website.


  1. There are multiple rows, columns and content elements that can be used, with Over 46 Content Modules available
  2. Customize your site in Real-Time with live preview
  3. You can customize practically anything you see on the page
  4. Ability to save your own global elements to be reused as many times as you’d like
  5. Import/Export feature allows you to effortlessly transfer or replicate your layout to other websites
  6. Click-to-type text editing, just like in Microsoft Word
  7. Mostly everything works in a drag-and-drop manner


For those who are still unsure of which theme is the best for them, here’s a little recap:

  1. For those who only want the overall best-in-class and the fastest WordPress theme ever, get Astra Theme, you can’t go wrong with this one.
  2. For those that are okay with a no-frills theme and just want a speedy theme for free, get the Arke Theme.
  3. For those who basically want one of the best and fastest WordPress theme with a minimalist look, get the GeneratePress Theme.
  4. For those with a Tinkerer’s Soul and would appreciate a one-click rollback feature in case something gone terribly wrong in one of your experiments, get the Neve Theme.
  5. For those who are alright with a theme lacking in the features department but offers support for right-to-left text direction languages, you can consider the Zakra Theme.
  6. For those who just want the fastest WooCommerce theme with a focus on Performance and Conversion Rates, get the Shoptimizer Theme.
  7. For the Elementor Aficionados who appreciate having Custom Blocks for Elementor and intend to build business websites or show off creative works, get the Airi Theme.
  8. For those who want the best and most complete magazine, blog and Newspaper theme as well as existing site owners with fairly established websites who want to make the switch to another theme without losing precious data, you can go for The Publisher Theme and start using the Publisher Migrator with just one-click to migrate all your data safely.
  9. For those who intend to create content-rich dynamic news portal, magazine or editorial website of any genre, get the MH Magazine Theme.
  10. For the writers, creatives and those situations where Focus is the name of the game and where distractions are less than ideal, get the Writee Theme.
  11. For those who just want a free default WordPress theme with a business-oriented design and a catchy video-header option, you can get the Twenty Seventeen Theme.
  12. For those who are fans of fullscreen scrolling pages and welcomes some nifty conversion-focused WooCommerce features, OceanWP Theme is the way to go.
  13. For those who need a theme with a bold and modern look to showcase their articles, get the BlogGo Theme.
  14. For those that prefer a clean and simple look and a Call-to-Action at the top, consider the Primer Theme.
  15. For those who want their themes to have in-built structured data markup and rich snippets support plus a library of useful shortcodes, you can try the Schema Theme.
  16. For those who fancy a theme with various CSS3/jQuery animations and have some HTML or CSS knowledge, you could test out the Montezuma Theme.
  17. For those who crave a feature-packed multipurpose WordPress theme that also has a modern and creative look, get the H-code Theme.
  18. For those that essentially want an All-in-One Solution (Theme + Page Builder) that allows you to create websites in a short time while still being beginner-friendly, the Divi Theme will be your best bet.

So that’s it for our ultimate list for 18 of the fastest WordPress themes available in the market right now that you can use to get a headstart in 2020.

We hope you enjoyed it.

Now It’s Your Turn:

Are there any other super fast themes out there that you feel would make the cut for the list above?

Or maybe you have a question about something from our guide above.

In any case, let us know by dropping a quick comment below.

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